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Beth Andrews
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Beth Andrews has spent her life creating. Her relationship with art started when a childhood illness kept her in the hospital for extended periods of time. A friend’s gift of art supplies to help Beth pass the time gave her a new lens through which to see the world. Her connection with creating taught her the therapeutic quality that crafts can have, and she’s worked to share this with others. Beth’s work is influenced by her experiences in crafts, fine art, and graphic design. Her twin loves of Appalachian and Asian art influence her work, which often contains elements of oil painting, papermaking, and foil work. She integrates collage and mixed media with traditional painting and drawing, discovering a second language to express what is not seen as well as what is seen. Her work also utilizes elements from nature juxtaposed in unique ways with other techniques.

Beth’s studio offers a comprehensive window into her craft. Visitors will find painting in progress, paper being made, and work of all media displayed and available for purchase. Her door is open for anyone who wants to experience her process or understand more about art in general. Part of the Yadkin County Arts studios, Beth has an active teaching schedule in numerous topics.

Monday – Friday 11:00Am-5:30PM

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