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Andrew Meers Studio
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Andrew Meers is a knife maker and metalsmith. He enjoys making a variety of objects including hollow ware vessels. However, he focuses mostly on making cutlery with engraved embellishments. Andrew’s work is endlessly engaging, often featuring small engravings, glass inserts in knife handles, and hidden compartments. After completing an Artist Residency at Penland School of Craft, he chose to stay in the area and now works at his shop in the old Taylor Togs warehouse just outside Burnsville.

Andrew’s blacksmith shop features a gas forge, a coal forge, a hydraulic press, and many types of hand tools. Although the process can be loud, the studio is a dynamic space for visitors to see the forging process. The finer aspects of his work are just as intriguing. These steps include layouts, machining, polishing, engraving, or grinding.

Visitors can view parts of the engraving process, works in progress, and finished work on display. Occasionally, small collections of kitchen cutlery and small vessels are offered for sale.

Open by appointment.

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