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Signage Coordination Services Requested


Blue Ridge National Heritage Area Trails Signage Project

The Blue Ridge National Heritage Area Partnership (BRNHA) based in Asheville, NC is seeking to contract with an individual or firm to provide administrative, coordination, and public relations services for a project involving the design, fabrication and installation of 80 interpretive signs covering a 25 county area in Western North Carolina. The purpose of the project is to showcase the region’s natural and cultural heritage attractions that meet criteria set by the BRNHA mission and to provide a region-wide branding and tourism marketing opportunity for heritage sites and destinations. This project is being funded through a Federal Highway Administration Grant and is subject to NCDOT and FHWA requirements.

The selected individual or firm will report directly to the Executive Director of the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area. The estimated timeframe for the project will be approximately two years running from July 25, 2011 to July 31, 2013. The selected individual or firm should be prepared to start work on the project as early as July 25, 2011. The selected candidate will work with BRNHA staff, designers, engineers, fabricators, signage installers, heritage sites and NCDOT representatives and other partners to coordinate the project and serve as the lead communicator to heritage sites in the region about the status of the project.

Specific duties will include:

  • Working with BRNHA to identify and recruit heritage sites for the program.
  • Collecting design materials, developing, obtaining and/or executing temporary easement agreements, contracts and match payments on behalf of BRNHA
  • Meeting with multiple NCDOT Division representatives in WNC to obtain Right of Way Certifications, Right of Way Acquisions, and coordinate meetings with sites as needed.
  • Working with multiple DOT Division representatives for the development of region-wide gateway signs and locations.
  • Assist BRNHA staff in the procurement and coordination of the work of an engineering firm, which will provide engineering oversight for the project and prepare environmental review documentation.
  • Packaging all materials and submissions for NCDOT approval.
  • Working with the selected engineering firm to prepare fabrication and installation bid documents.
  • Assisting in the coordination for fabrication and the installation process, and coordinating communication with signage sites and NCDOT Division representatives during this process.
  • Assisting BRNHA staff in the development and implementation of a marketing/public relations plan to promote the signage program including printed and digital maps, press releases, advertising, a celebration event and other opportunities.
  • Setting, coordinating and providing documentation for regular update meetings with BRNHA staff and NC DOT representatives.
  • Keeping organized paper and electronic records for all aspects of the project, in accordance with FHWA and NCDOT requirements, will be turned over to the BRNHA at the end of the project.

The selected candidate or firm should demonstrate strong organizational and analytical skills; ability to keep project on schedule and provide consistent follow up; multi-tasking ability; strong oral and written communications skills; ability to work with a variety of people. In addition, the candidate must be diplomatic and have the ability to problem solve issues and challenges to create win-win situations for everyone involved.

Interested parties should provide a cover letter, demonstrated ability to manage the project through a resume or narrative and three references. Please send proposals to Angie Chandler, Blue Ridge National Heritage Area Executive Director, at angie@blueridgeheritage.com or mail to 195 Hemphill Knob Road, Asheville, NC 28803. Proposals are due by 5 pm July 13, 2011.

Selection Process and Criteria for Selected BRNHA Blue Ridge Trails Program



Individuals and firms submitting application for the Signage Coordinator Position on this specific project will be evaluated based on the following considerations.

  1. Applicants experience, knowledge, familiarity and past performance with signage design, fabrication and installation contract administration services – 5%
  2. Applicants experience and knowledge of the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area and the natural and cultural attractions and landmarks in the region – 20%
  3. Applicant’s ability to organize, manage and follow up on projects in a timely manner within budget and deadlines – 20%
  4. Applicant’s ability to be highly effective communicator in both oral and written form and to have knowledge of managing marketing and public relations tools and concepts– 25%
  5. Applicant’s ability to provide excellent customer service to signage participants and be diplomatic and positive in a variety of situations-25 %


The Blue Ridge National Heritage Partnership will accept applications. BRNHA Executive Director, Director of Programs and Director of Marketing/Public Relations will review the applicants and select the top three to five based on the criteria listed above.

A panel involving representatives from the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Asheville Convention Visitors Bureau (because of their recent experience with a similar signage project) will make the final selection. The final selection will be approved by the BRNHA staff and contracts approved by Haywood County.