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Living Traditions in the Blue Ridge Mountains: Where North Carolina and Cherokee History Mix

The culture and heritage of the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area differs from other places in that instead of its culture being “history,” it is a living, dynamic set of traditions that are carefully nurtured and handed down to each new generation. These traditions stretch across cultures as diverse as the Cherokee and Scots-Irish and include a vast treasure-trove of craft skills and outlets that create an economy today worth more than $206 million.

Agricultural Heritage and Business Grows in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC

Agricultural traditions in the region are experiencing a vibrant farming renaissance, with new, innovative crops being cultivated alongside more traditional ones. The region is rife with Tailgate and Farmers Markets in season, and area restaurants are big on “farm to table” practice.

Traditional Appalachian Bluegrass and Old Time Music

Americana music was born in the Blue Ridge and has fostered many well known musicians who play bluegrass, old-time, and newer versions thereof, as well as country music. Venues large and small abound throughout the mountains and foothills of Western North Carolina.

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