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A Magical Evening with Dom Flemons

Dom Flemons, a Grammy Award winning musician, singer-songwriter, and entertainer extraordinaire brings his phenomenal musical legacy to Western North Carolina. Carrying on the songster tradition, Flemons strives to mix traditional music forms with a contemporary approach, to create new sounds that will appeal to wider audiences. In his recent solo album Prospect Hill, Flemons drew […]

The Spirits Still Move Them – Moonshining in the Mountains

North River Farms 3333 N. Mills River Road, Mills River, NC, United States

The Center’s newest documentary film focuses on the iconic moonshiners.  Rather than the stereotypes of lazy, drunken mountaineers, moonshiners were some of the most entrepreneurial and creative farmers in a community who not only provided a public service but helped to put food on the table for themselves and their communities.  The stories are both […]

Nature’s Wisdom World Premier

North River Farms 3333 N. Mills River Road, Mills River, NC, United States

Although there's still a ways to go before the film is completed, its not too late to start planning for the time when the film is ready for prime time. We've set some initial dates for its release in late June and early July. Please mark these down on your calendar: Everyone loved the drive-in […]

We welcome submission of Western North Carolina events focused on our heritage themes of mountain music, crafts, foodways, outdoors and Cherokee culture. Please submit two weeks in advance.

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