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Blue Ridge Parkway Road Closure

Currently in effect –  Road closure on the Blue Ridge Parkway, affecting a North Carolina section between mileposts 376 and 355. No access to Craggy Gardens area until further notice. Motorists should take note that the roadway is closed traveling South at Mount Mitchell and traveling North at Ox Creek Road. Mt. Mitchell State Park will remain open and accessible from the northern approach along the Blue Ridge Parkway from Milepost 330, at Spruce Pine, NC, or from state Route 80.

A detour route is available that directs traffic from Asheville, NC, along Interstate 40 to U.S. Route 221, back to the Parkway at Spruce Pine, NC, and alternately from Spruce Pine south to Asheville via U.S. Route 221 and Interstate 40.

Frequent rain over the past weeks have resutled in a slope failure below the roadway causing a 2 – 4 in wide, 100 ft long crack in the Parkway at the 374.5 milepost. Discovered on Friday, this development has resulted in the immediate closure of the section.

Parkway management apologizes for any inconvenience to visitors and local communities impacted by this closure. As a unit of the National Park Service, the Blue Ridge Parkway remains committed to its mission to serve the public and preserve our nation’s resources for future generations.