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Mountain Rug Mills

Rug makers Hendersonville, NC (Henderson County)

Founded in Fletcher in 1952 by the Boss family, Mountain Rug Mills has undergone a few changes over the years-it is now located in Hendersonville, for instance, and owned by the Morgan family-but its tradition of producing beautiful handmade rugs is intact. Making old-time braided yarn rugs and hooked rugs with elaborate pictorial designs, the more than forty artisans employed at Mountain Rug Mills use centuries-old techniques to create wares that will be admired for centuries to come. The company, which has a dye house to produce its own colors, is one of fewer than ten rug making operations in the United States that do custom work of such a high degree of quality and traditionality.

Mountain Rug Mills’ reputation has spread far beyond the mountains, and they have even created rugs on commission for the White House. They make an unexpectedly modern product with the mills’ historical methods-airplane bulkheads, the tapestries covering section dividers in aircraft passenger cabins. They have created such tapestries for several of the major airlines. Mountain Rug Mills has also made custom silk rugs for celebrities’ private jets and helicopters.

Their hand-hooked and -braided wool rugs of early American design are widely admired, and the company holds a license to reproduce historic rugs in the collection of the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. In addition to its rugs, Mountain Rug Mills also sells wool by the skein dyed in their own dye house, in more than two hundred standard colors and many custom hues.


Mountain Rug Mills’ handmade rugs, which range in price from fifty dollars to several thousand dollars, can be seen and purchased in their mill store. Guided tours are available upon request.