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John Grant Jr

John Grant, Jr.

Cherokee musician, storyteller, and dancer Cherokee, NC

John Grant, Jr., comes from a family of accomplished traditional artists. His own interest in Native American music began when he was a young teenager, and heard a drum group from Lamedeer, Montana. As he told the Knoxville News Sentinel, “The power and beauty of it made me want to do it for the rest of my life.”

Grant has been a member of traditional Cherokee drum groups for many years. At the age of 18, while on tour in France, Grant took up the Cherokee flute for the first time. He taught himself to play, and has since become a prolific composer and performer, even touring with the North Carolina Symphony. Grant is also a singer, performing both traditional Cherokee and contemporary Northern-style Native American songs.

In addition to his musical gifts, Grant is a storyteller. He likes to tell stories both of his own Cherokee tribe, and of other native nations.

John Grant, Jr., is an experienced performer who has appeared in front of audiences ranging from a couple of dozen people to 20,000. He is a member of the drum group Birdtown Crossing, as well as the dance group Warriors of Ani-Kituwah.


John Grant, Jr., is available to perform as a musician, storyteller, and dancer in concerts, festivals, demonstrations, and other events and venues.

John Grant Jr
John Grant Jr

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