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Ernie Lossiah

Ernie Lossiah

Cherokee flute maker, musician, artist Cherokee, NC (Qualla Boundary)
(828) 497-0118

Ernie Lossiah

Ernie Lossiah makes and plays the traditional Cherokee flute. He also carves wood and stone, and he is an artist who works in pencil and in pen and ink.

Born and raised in the Piney Grove community on the Qualla Boundary, Ernie Lossiah attended both Cherokee Elementary and Cherokee High Schools. He learned woodcarving from Amanda Crowe in high school and has continued carving. He grew up in a very musical family; his father and all of his brothers play music. When he became interested in having a flute with wolves carved on it, a friend showed him how to carve a flute out of cedar, and he has been making and playing these flutes since then.

Ernie Lossiah has demonstrated flute making and playing at the Museum of the Cherokee Indian. One of his carvings has been collected by the Smithsonian Institution. Recently he helped write and illustrate a book called The Secrets and Mysteries of the Cherokee Little People, which features legends about the mysterious Cherokee little people. Lossiah’s collaborator was his wife Lynn, also a talented artist. This book and Lossiah’s other work are available at the Gift Shop of the Museum of the Cherokee Indian and at the Medicine Man Craft Shop. Ernie Lossiah also sells his work through directly through Lossiah Arts, his self-owned company.


Ernie Lossiah travels with his wife. His fee for presenting programs is negotiable, and he would consider traveling anywhere if compensated for it. He can provide demonstration programs for audiences of any size. He prefers to be contacted by mail.

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