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Chuck and Peggy Patrick
Photos courtesy of Cedric Chaterly

Chuck and Peggy Patrick

Oldtime musicians and craftspeople Brasstown, NC (Clay County)
(828) 837-7627

Chuck and Peggy Patrick

Chuck and Peggy Patrick, natives of Blairsville, Georgia, grew up learning traditional mountain music and crafts. Peggy’s father and grandmother were both square dance callers, and from her family she learned much oldtime and gospel music. Chuck, who is also an oldtime musician, was trained by his stepfather in several traditional crafts. His stepfather’s family ran Jackson Forge in Blairsville, and taught Chuck blacksmithing skills, which he uses today in his crafting of knives and other edged tools.

Both Patricks are also skilled basket-weavers. Chuck learned from his stepfather how to make white oak baskets, and he and Peggy have both learned techniques in white oak and rivercane basketry form Cherokee craftswoman Emma Garrett. Additionally, they do hide tanning, and Peggy does beadwork in traditional and original styles.

The Patricks have taught craft and music workshops, and given musical performances, at the John C. Campbell Folk School and many other venues throughout the region. They are particularly fond of passing along their knowledge of folk traditions in an educational setting.


Chuck and Peggy Patrick are available to demonstrate and teach blacksmithing, basket-weaving, beadwork, and tanning. They are also available for playing oldtime, folk, and gospel music for festivals and in schools.