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Blue Ridge Explorer (News for Visitors)


Despite recent wildfires in our region, the mountains and foothills of Western North Carolina offer thousands of square miles of scenic beauty, and winter views are often more breathtaking with no leaves obstructing the sights. 
Looking for something different and memorable to celebrate the holidays this year? We invite you to discover special holiday treasures in the North Carolina mountains and foothills.
Every fall park rangers and visitor center desks are asked, "When are the leaves going to be at their peak?" The answer is...

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On the Blue Ridge (News for Partners)


As our region struggles with multiple wildfires, the National Forest Service has set up a Joint Information Center to keep the public informed of the status of the fires.
Smoky Mountain Host is inviting all Blue Ridge National Heritage Area partners to a branding and marketing workshop presented by internationally known leader in the field, Roger Brooks.
NC Blue Ridge waterfall calendars, Music Trail and Heritage Trail map brochures now available.

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