Doll Making

Mount Mitchell Crafts Fair

Handcrafters from all over the United States come to sell their wares including baskets, candles, kettle corn, pottery, stained glass, and so much more.

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Tryon Toy Makers

Tryon Toy Makers

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Leniavell Trivette

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Ruth Coffey

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Jane Cambell

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Ruth Coffey

Craft artist

Patterson, NC (Caldwell County)

"I've always been interested in making things," says Ruth Coffey. Ruth uses her hands constantly, often staying up into the early morning to finish an order of dolls, sew an "Around the World" quilt, or put together a jigsaw puzzle. Over the years, she has made quilts, pillows, rock paintings, baskets, broom covers, purses and hand bags, and variety of dolls from Christmas elves to life-sized "hillbilly dolls." "People who spent their summers in the mountains from Florida would sit those big dolls in their windows to make their houses look occupied while they were gone," Ruth says.

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Jane Campbell

Fiber artist

Boone, NC (Watauga County)

Jane Campbell and her husband Mike Campbell are natives of Watauga County, NC. They live and work on part of a farm that has been in Jane’s family for over a century.

Being raised on the farm, which lies along the “Old Buffalo Trail,” Jane has seen many changes from farming with horses to farming only by a few families. Seeing families leave their farms has made her aware of how precious the “old ways” of farming and handicrafts are and how fast they are being lost.

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Eloise Bryson Renfro

Dollmaker and quilter

Mitchell County

In the late 1930s, Eloise Renfro was a young mother with three small children, living in a remote part of Mitchell County. It was during this difficult period of her life, while her husband was away with a job on the railroad, that Renfro learned the crafts that she still practices today. While Renfro was recovering from an illness, a county home agent set her to work learning to quilt. She sold the first quilt that she made, in a cathedral pattern, for $100. Soon after, she took a class held at the nearby Poplar School, and learned how to make Goldilocks and the Three Bears dolls.

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Leniavell Trivette

Doll Maker, Rug Hooker, Quilter

Zionville, NC (Watauga County)

Leniavell Trivette, daughter of North Carolina Folk Heritage Award recipient Elsie Trivette, has been making crafts since she was a child helping her mother pull apart strands of burlap to be used as yarn for hooking rugs. Growing up in Watauga County near Beech Mountain, Leniavell had six siblings. She and her two sisters helped their mother make hooked rugs. They used burlap for the back of the rug and sometimes they also used the rough burlap fibers for the yarn, unraveling discarded feed sacks to get the yarn.

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